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We understand you may have some questions about the service. We have done our best to answer as many of your potential queries as possible below.

What type of bets do you select?

We focus on 3 specific types of bets: Asian Handicaps, over/under goals markets and straight win bets.

Additionally we also advise long-term ante-post bets throughout the season to lock in further profit. All of these bets are easy to follow and can be placed with a selection of respected major bookmakers.

When do you send bets?

We always give as much time as possible for you to place the bets we advise. You can expect any weekend bets to be sent through on a Thursday to take advantage of the best advised odds. Occasionally, where further research is needed, additional selections will come through on a Friday. Similarly any midweek bets will be sent through in good time for you to place them – so for Tuesday night games, expect an email on Monday for example.

All bets are sent via email and we do our best to notify you of when you can expect to receive the next advice from us in advance.

What bookmakers do you use?

As a general rule the more bookmaker accounts you have open, the better in order to take advantage of the best odds available.

As a minimum, we suggest you have an active account with the following firms: 12bet, 188bet, Canbet, Ladbrokes, Pinnacle, SBObet and Stan James.

We also suggest it is handy to have accounts with the following bookmakers (not essential but can assist occasionally): 5dimes, 10bet, Bet Internet, Paddy Power, William Hill.

What staking plan and betting bank do you recommend?

Our staking plan is very simple, with each bet staked between 0.5 and 2 points, with the vast majority being 1 point stakes.

We also advocate a 25 point betting bank, which you use to work out how much each point in your betting bank equates to.

For example if starting with £2500, you would simply divide £2500 by 25, making each point £100. Similarly £5000 would mean £200 per point and £10,000 – that equates to £400 per point.

The 25pt betting bank is designed to enable steady growth and also cover the inevitable losing runs that are a simple fact of life effecting all punters – whoever they are, whatever their record.

How do you select your bets?

Our bet selection process uses a combination of statistics, football knowledge and a commitment to value betting principles. Quite simply we will only ever advise a bet if we feel that the odds on offer from a bookmaker are incorrect and offer value. That is, we believe our bet has a greater chance of winning than the bookmakers’ odds imply.

To explain briefly, if a bookmaker offers odds of 2.00 on Aston Villa to beat Wigan, they are effectively saying they believe there is a 50% chance of Aston Villa winning the game. If however our research indicates that Aston Villa have a 60% chance of winning, there is a clear 10% margin of profit available.

We can never guarantee any bet will win or not – nobody can. What we can guarantee is that each bet is selected via this value betting principle. Over time, the theory is that this kind of value approach will reap dividends.

You can also expect us to take contrary positions on a number of bets, supporting those sides that are unfashionable and underrated or focusing on class teams out of form.

Don’t expect for us to go with the crowd, backing the big home teams at heavy odds on prices. It is only by going against the crowd and seeing what the masses don’t see that we make our profit!

When do you suggest placing your bets?

Over the course of time we have been in operation, it is noticeable that very often we pre-empt the market moves and highlight the best value bets early. The majority of times therefore we suggest you place the bets as they are received to take advantage of the best odds.