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Welcome to Premier Football Bets, a service dedicated to making our subscribers a profit from expert betting advice on the English Premier League.

Premier Football Bets is the creation of The Secret Betting Club founder Mike Bishop, with assistance from a professional gambler associate. You can read more about The Secret Betting Club here.

The service started in October 2009 with the goal of providing profitable betting advice on the English Premier League. The idea was quite simple. We take advantage of bookmaker mistakes and show how by taking consistently value odds you can lock in a profit over the course of a season.

In order to prove this, all bets between October 2009 and May 2011 were posted at the Secret Betting Club website for free to showcase the level of success that the bets could achieve. The good news is that a profit was most defintely made.

During this period, the service was able to generate a profit of 15.62 pts from 176 bets at a Return on Investment of 8.01%. To the suggested betting bank of 25 pts, this was a Return on Capital of 62.49%.

To put this into financial terms, a starting bank of £5000 in October 2009, would have since grown to £8124.50 from the advice during that period.

The focus of the advice is the English Premier League with a specialty in a number of markets such as Asian Handicaps, Over/Under goals markets and straight win bets.

This season, Mike is also ably assisted in this quest to hunt down value bets by his professional gambler associate at Premier Football Bets – Peter. After providing assistance and advice to Mike in the past 2 seasons, Peter is coming on-board with a more hands-on role in the 2011/12 season and there is every reason to believe that his additional input and the natural split in the weekly workload will be realised in greater profits this term.

Site Ethos

Our service ethos is simple. We will make a long-term, proven profit betting on the English Premier League through the application of a consistent, succesful strategy.

How You Can Follow Our Advice

Using our expert knowledge, you can benefit by following each of the football bets we select through the course of the season in the English Premier League. We supply your selections via email, alongside a detailed match analysis, suggested staking and info on what odds to take and with which bookmaker.

You can sign-up today to become a member by visiting our Subscribe page.

Find Out More

You can find out more about the service and its history by visiting the About Page, which describes our methods, history and ethos.

You can also view our past record of bets, including graphs and a downloadable spreadsheet of results, via our Track Record page.

To have a better understanding of what you can expect to receive as a member, check out the Sample Message page.

Alternatively you can sign-up now to be a member for the 2011/12 football season by visiting our Subscribe page .

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